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Sustainable Local Economic Development (SLED)


The goal of the SLED project is to leverage cooperation with other local organizations to develop a meaningful strategy for sustainable, local economic development by keeping dollars from flowing out of our community. The SLED project is now being folded into the Sustainability Alliance Enterprise Group with some exciting new projects in the works for 2011. See also Financial Permaculture

Prior and Ongoing Activities

Be Local Coupon Book

  • Assist with the establishment of Local First, an Independent Business Association (IBA), to create a centralized voice and resource for independent, locally owned businesses in La Plata County.
  • With Local First, develop and promote a "Buy Local" campaign to encourage community members and institutions to purchase goods and services from independent, locally owned businesses.
  • With Local First, create a "Be Local" Coupon Book to raise awareness of and promote local purchases.
  • Obtain baseline data on the local economic multiplier effect to demonstrate how much money would stay in the local economy in the short and long term.
  • Meet with key financial institutions to engage in open dialogue about creating a local investment fund aimed specifically at investments in sustainable, local economic development.

Contact Us

For more information or to participate in our activities, please contact Terry Woodward or M'Lissa Roulson.