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Statewide Group Releases Summary of November Sustainability Roundtable

The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, a statewide sustainability organization, has released summary materials, including a final report and videos, from its 2011 Statewide Sustainability Roundtable, held on November 16 in Colorado Springs. The event was designed to give voice to the main issues of sustainability from around the state. Much of the discussion this year focused on effectively messaging sustainability. Roundtable participants provided recommendations for talking to various audiences about issues such as energy, economic development, food, and sustainability education.

Read the final report or watch a video of conference highlights.

Additional Resources:

Videos from the roundtable are available on YouTube

Opening Remarks and Assistant Secretary David Sandalow’s Presentation

Positioning Sustainability for Mainstream America, Steve Wilton

Regional Council Panel Presentation

The Six Rs of Storied Social-Change Marketing, Greg Owsley

Breakout Session: Colorado’s Budget Crisis, Renny Fagan

Breakout Session: Economic Health and Sustainability, Josh Birks

Breakout Session: Climate Change, Dr. Scott Denning